Working From Home… From Anywhere?

Work from home.  The ol’ WFH.  Remote work.

Where working from home was once a privilege, it’s now being forced upon the majority of the working world, without an alternative option.

For some, this blessing in disguise came at the perfect time.  But for many, this meant evaluating who and where you plan to work from.

Relocating your family and your life is a big decision.  But, we can help with that.

Have you ever gone away and been able to work from a friends house? Or a cottage? Or a hotel?

With our ability to work remotely, it’s awarded the average employee the ability to LIVE where they want and WORK where they want, though this may not ever be the same postal code.

This will break down barriers for employees who otherwise would have been disregarded solely due to location.

Imagine a world where you could have a Toronto address on your resume, but live in Ottawa or Sudbury or Fort Frances (on our beloved Rainy Lake).

This would afford you opportunities to a make big-city salary at a big-city firm, while living in the confines of your 10,000 person town.

With Virtual Business Offices virtual packages, you can do just that.

With no long-term commitment necessary, our month to month package will allow you to use this service as you see fit, for as long as you require.

Our Bay Street Address, which is synonymous with business in Canada, is open from 8am-5:30pm, Monday to Friday.

Aside from using the address, you’ll also have the ability to have mail, couriers, and other packages sent to our location and further forwarded to your home address.

Why let your postal code determine your value?

Get a Virtual Office today and award yourself the ability to live your best life!