Avoid Porch Pirates
With A Virtual Mailing Address

Avoid Porch Pirates With A Virtual Mailing Address


Avoid Porch Pirates With A Virtual Mailing Address

Thanksgiving is this weekend and Christmas will be fast approaching, and that means shopping, shopping and more shopping.

The trend of making online purchases has been fast growing in recent years, as it’s easier to get everything done from the comfort of your own home instead of having to fight angry mobs of people who are all looking for the last Turbo Man doll.

Fast forward to 2021 and online shopping still seems to be the best way to safely complete your list this year.

So? What’s wrong with shopping online?

Well, with great ease, comes great trouble.

<Porch Pirates have entered the chat>

Porch Pirates.  Those sly, unassuming, people who take it upon themselves to do their own Holiday shopping; right off of your front porch.

Avoid Porch Pirates With A Virtual Mailing Address

These package bandits have made life difficult for delivery services, especially with the implementation of contactless delivery which is being offered by all major courier companies.

Stealing anything from envelopes to large boxes, these bandits have created a reputation for themselves as stopping at nothing to ruin someone’s holiday season.

Package theft has gotten so bad that Amazon has had to implement new procedures to try and stop it from happening.

So, how can you ensure that you don’t fall victim to these package bandits?

A virtual mailing address is the perfect place to start.

A virtual mailing address provides a secure location with live staff, who provide mail and package receiving, collection, handling, storage, and forwarding services.

Whether it’s a treat basket from a client or a large package from Amazon, you can trust that they will be received at a physical location, where they can be securely stored until you pick it up.

At Virtual Business Offices, we can help put your mind at ease with our Corporate Mailing Address.

This cost-effective solution will provide relief and confidence as you shop for Black Friday deals.

Avoid Porch Pirates With A Virtual Mailing Address

With no long-term commitment necessary, our month to month package will allow you to use this service as you see fit, for as long as you require.

Our PATH connected, 20 Bay Street Address is open 8am-5pm Monday to Friday, and is only steps from Union Station making it easily accessible for those in the downtown core.

Avoid porch pirates with a virtual mailing address this holiday season.

Why risk of having your holidays ruined by crime?

With our services, thankfully, you won’t have to go through that.

Purchase your Virtual Mailing Address from Virtual Business Offices!

5 Reasons Why You Need a Virtual Office More Than Ever

5 Reasons Why You Need a Virtual Office More Than Ever

COVID-19 has drastically changed the way businesses are being managed. It’s about time you find out why you need a virtual office more than ever.

The Virtual Office industry has seen a large uptick in the number of companies who are migrating to this operational style.

Long gone are the days of paying top dollar for an office on the 30th floor. Now, for less than $300.00 per month, organizations are being provided everything they require to continue with everyday business.

Whether it be a prestigious address in a desired city, a highly sought after phone number with recognizable area code, live reception services from highly trained staff, or access to meeting and conference rooms on an a-la-carte basis, this solution screams bang for your buck.

See these 5 Reasons why you now need a virtual office.

1. Reduced operating costs

Having enough finance to get started in the first place is one thing, but having enough to keep your business afloat is something else altogether. Transport, office equipment, rental fees, wages, etc., all come under operating costs and if you don’t have enough finance to cover them, your business will fail.

Virtual offices significantly reduce these fees. Since you won’t have a physical workspace, you completely alleviate numerous fixed costs and only use specific services and facilities as and when you need them.

2. SEO Geolocation

Among the best online benefits of using the virtual office as your registered address, is SEO geolocation. Many online services still benefit from the ‘near me’ feature in search engines.

It allows clients or new business partners to seek targets out based on where they are located.  With a virtual office, your business will appear to be in in these locations surrounded by your potential clients.

Virtual offices are most useful when they are located in the heart of the nearest big city-especially if you run the business from a home, out of town, or in a nearby suburb.

3. Corporate Image

As a business owner building a strong and credible brand image is incredibly important. Mailing addresses provided through virtual office services help to build brand credibility and overall create a professional image for businesses. Utilizing a professional mailing address enables you to highlight a more reputable address on promotional materials like business cards and websites instead of a home address.

Having a professional address works to legitimize your business for future clients and may also provide a competitive advantage over rivals who do not have professional addresses. Services offered through shared office spaces also help owners uphold professional standards by providing day-use offices and meeting rooms for important meetings. Reception services also, add a professional touch for when you host clients, want someone to answer your calls, or have mail forwarded to you.

4. Flexibility

Leases and permanent offices lock startups into contractual agreements and a finite office space. As often occurs with startups, scaling up and down isn’t an option; fixed office space results in a fixed cost and office configuration.

On the one hand, as is too often the case, startups pay for unused office space. On the other hand, they also have fixed space constraints that will only scale to the boundaries of the four surrounding walls.

Virtual services allow you to pick a solution that is best fit at that time, allowing for customization as you see fit.

5. Access to Critical Business Facilities

When operating a company, you will need equipment and facilities such as an industrial copier, or a boardroom table, which are quite expensive to outfit yourself.

When using a virtual office, you’re able to access all of these critical requirements on the pay-as-you-use arrangement. This arrangement will save you a lot of money while continuing to improve your image.

Apart from facilities, you can also access other important services. For example, if your business needs a one-time, big quantity of documents couriered, you can use the virtual office services and professional reception team to assist.

Many virtual office operators have the facilities and machines needed to run a fully fledge office.


At Virtual Business Offices, we have solutions for you.  Whether it be a Bay Street corporate address, live reception services, or access to meeting rooms, our wide range of virtual office packages are fit for any business.

If you are looking for more information about our virtual service packages, contact VBO by e-mailing info@rostiegroup.com or calling (416) 214-1840.

If you’d like to begin operating in Toronto’s hottest area Sign up online today!

Virtual Offices And Your Post-Pandemic Business Address

Virtual Offices and Your Post-Pandemic Business Address

COVID-19 is pushing business operators to start analyzing every dollar spent. Where companies used to occupy large physical footprints spreading across multiple floors of an office tower, the new trend will soon move towards a minimal overhead with employees beginning to work from home more often.

What better way to reduce your footprint without sacrificing your professional image?  Virtual office services.

A virtual mailbox is exactly the place to start.

A virtual mailbox provides a corporate identity, while also allowing for mail collection, handling, and forwarding.

Whether that may be simple letters or packages, you can trust that they will go to a physical location, where they can be tracked and delivered to.

They go beyond the standard PO box as there are live staff collecting and sorting your mail, and notifying you when letters arrive that you need to run your business smoothly and effectively.

Furthermore, the beauty of virtual mailbox services is that they are located Worldwide and you can use them to establish addresses in any region, to help your local customers reach you more effectively.

Virtual mailbox addresses are commonly found in premier addresses like Bay Street in Toronto. They show the world that you mean business and that your home address isn’t a professional place to receive mail and clients.

Of course, as your business grows, that premier address becomes more and more important. Impressions matter a lot, probably more so than they should. But as long as you know that, you can take advantage of that fact.

Make the address the corner stone of your business. Lead your clients and customers to an address they can trust, and more importantly, send their mail to a place they know won’t be neglected.

It can be stressful for a client to not know whether their documents or cheques will arrive safely. In a residential address, there is always the risk of theft, not to mention you may not be home to receive and sign for important mail.

For a business just starting up, one missing cheque can be the difference between continuous growth, and shutting down.

Thankfully, you don’t have to go through that.

Purchase your Virtual Mail Box from Virtual Business Offices today!

It’s Official – The Virtual Business Offices Team Is Fully Vaccinated!

It’s Official – The Virtual Business Offices Team Is Fully Vaccinated!

The Virtual Business Offices Management Team is proud to announce that all of our employees have been fully vaccinated and are preparing diligently for your return to the workplace.

We’re committed whole heartedly to the health and safety of our guests and felt there was no better way to show it.

Not only have we all been “vaxed”, we’ve also implemented some great new practices to keep you safe as we continue through Ontario’s reopening plan.

So, what can you expect when you come back?

We’ve taken this opportunity to make some drastic upgrades to our centre.  Included in this is new: carpet, LED lighting, paint colours, ceiling tiles and videoconferencing technology.

Simply put, we’ve maximized our time to create a more welcoming, professional atmosphere for you to call your business home.

Our offices and meeting rooms have been set up with Ontario regulations in mind, so that proper gathering limits and social distancing is in place.

We’ve also made some major updates to our Catering Menu.  Long gone are the days of sandwich platters and large shareable salads.   Our new catering menu specializes in individually packaged meals, which allows for specific customization and mitigates the risk of passing germs and bacteria.

Although the world is slowly returning to normal, it’s important to remember the practices that got us to where we are today.

We continue to encourage all businesses to utilize their office space as best fit, while doing so in a safe, healthy, matter.

For more information about our Return to Work plan, feel free to visit www.virtualbusinessoffices.com or email info@rostiegroup.com.

We look forward to seeing you back in your office!


Virtual Team Meeting

Team Building for a Virtual Team

It is very important to understand the powerful influence of team building exercises and worker morale. Virtual teams are especially vulnerable to the feeling of isolation and separation from their peers. What separates an effective work staff from an ineffective work staff depends on how they feel about their job.

Are your employees satisfied with the current circumstances?

The most obvious sign that your employees are not happy is if they do not smile much or do not attempt to initiate conversation. If this is the case, then this might be a clue that they do not enjoy the present situation. This may not always be the fault of the employer since some people may not be absolutely content at all times, but this should at least be a consideration. Do you genuinely believe that your employees are treated well? For example, do you treat them with respect? Do you congratulate them when they do a good job? Do you show interest in their personal life? If the answer to these questions is more “no” than “yes” then a team building exercise can be the answer to this problem.

Is it you, the employer?

If you believe that they are not happy due to your treatment of them, then it is likely time for a solution. You have tried to be nicer and start conversations, but nothing seems to work. The problem might simply be that the job is too debilitating and/or uninteresting. Is it the same boring routine every day? Nobody gets joy out of being in a set boring routine. If this is the case, then consider making some changes. This can be discussed over a team building exercise. For instance, you can ask your employees what would bring life to the environment at the workplace. Perhaps decorations, events, or other possible ideas could contribute to the list of potential solutions.

What all of these things have in common is that they bring a glimmer of sunshine through the cloudy window that is your lifeless work environment. No one will ever be content in a workplace that is filled with anxiety and frustration. It is important for you to remember that happiness brings success. Team building exercises bring that happiness by means of enjoying each others company.

The solution: team building

A team building exercise is not only a fun activity that builds morale, but it also results in bonds being made between coworkers who may typically isolate themselves. A team building exercise can prove beneficial for both the employee and employer since on one side, the employees will be happier, and on the other side, the employer will have more productive employees. An employee will go above and beyond to help their employer if they genuinely like them and care about the business. However, if employees do not particularly like their employer, then they will most likely do the required minimum. Clearly, an employer would prefer one of these scenarios over the other.

Running a virtual team and keeping up their morale may be a difficult task. But setting up your business doesn’t have to be. Take a look at our available plans and start your new business today!

Sales Impression

The Real Truth about Impressions and Sales

Sales Impressions

It’s a fact of life that impressions matter. It may not be fair, or nice, but the impression you get from someone, from the way they dress, to their grammar, to even their business card can influence your decisions.

It will shape the relationship going forward, and in Sales that’s the most important thing you can do; build relationships.

And no Salesperson, no matter how skilled or knowledgeable they are, can make that first great impression from their basement.

On the other hand, if you’re just starting out, or you are doing sales for a Startup or smaller company, you might not have the luxury of a big brand name, or a great location to make sales out of. Do you really want to hand out a business card with a residential address on it?

Both consumers and businesses want to be confident in your product. They want to know that you’ll be able to stand behind it. And it all starts from where it comes from.

Previously, it was unlikely that anyone would do much more research other than looking up the name and number, and general location. That evolved into having a company website, and maybe doing LinkedIn searches on the names involved, and that’s about it.

But now it’s just SO easy to do a quick google maps search. How will it look when your business comes up as a nice suburban home? A little “fly-by-night”.

That is where a service like Virtual Business Offices comes in: You get an address on Bay Street, a professional phone answering service, physical mail collection and forwarding, and many other perks.

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The August/September Scoop is Out!

Toronto Virtual Business Address

Choose Toronto for your Virtual Business Address

When you are planning where you want your virtual business address, the first question you need to ask yourself is ‘Which City do I want it to be in?’ There are so many choices, but one of the places you should really consider is Toronto.

Virtual Business Offices offers addresses from the heart of the downtown core, on 20 Bay Street. Toronto is a vibrant and multicultural city, hosting a variety of different business types in different sectors.

Here is a list of reasons why you should choose Toronto:

Toronto is one of the most future-ready cities in the world

With companies like Amazon and Sidewalk Labs interested in developing in Toronto, things are changing quickly, making Toronto one of the cities of the future.

Toronto is the fourth-largest city in Canada/U.S.

With Mexico City, New York City and Los Angeles coming in as the top 3 largest cities in North America, Toronto is often forgotten about.

Toronto is the best place in the world for millennials

Millennials love Toronto for its higher rates of employment and home ownership compared to their counterparts in other countries (according to A survey performed by the U.S. News & World Report finds millennials love Canada)

Canada is rated as a top location for expats

A global survey of more than 14,000 respondents from 195 countries and territories by InternNations finds Canada a top location for expats. Having your Virtual business address in Toronto gives you access to this ever-growing job market.

Ontario is North America’s 2nd largest business information technology cluster

Second only to Sillicon Valley, Ontario is one of North America’s largest centres for information and communications technology

So when you are deciding what address you should choose to make the most impact and where your business will stand out the most, keep Toronto in mind. And let Virtual Business Offices be the ones that introduce you to our great city.

After Hours Answering Service

After Hours Answering Service: Never lose a customer again!

Do you own or run a business and receive after-hours calls from clients – or potential clients, but have no one on hand to answer them? An after-hours answering service may just be the thing that you need!

We know that phone calls are a vital part of your business. They help you gain and retain customers, help you provide your services and is a necessary contact point for you. But what happens if someone has a question, issue or wants to sign up for your services outside  regular office hours? They would normally be sent to a voicemail box where they may be lost or forgotten about, asked to call back during regular office hours, or would be put through to an automated service without ever speaking to someone.

With an After Hours Answering Service, this will not happen again.  You will now have a live service answering customer inquiries 24/7 365 days a year. You will have a live person speaking to all of your clients – or potential clients- on all of your calls no matter what time of day or year it is.

Whether you need someone to transfer calls in an urgent situation or to direct calls for technical support, there is a fully trained representative ready to provide your new After Hours Answering Service.

Representatives will answer your calls with care and in a number of different languages to ensure that all of your callers’ needs are met. You’ll want to make sure that all of your calls are answered, and treated as the most important thing going on at the moment. Don’t have a machine tell someone that “their call matters”. SHOW them that it matters by actually picking up the phone in a timely manner.

Forget worrying about losing a client because they had a query out of hours. Choose an After Hours Answering Service and never lose a customer again.

Sign up with Virtual Business Offices to gain access to these services and many more.

Telephone Answering Service

Telephone Answering Services – This is the Deal

When evaluating your business, you may decide that there is no need for telephone answering services. You work hard to please your customers, and to gather new leads. They know what your business is about, and know that calling outside of normal business hours will have them disrupting your personal time.

Or well, do they know this?

It is inevitable that you will run into some issue. A disgruntled customer, a client who doesn’t respect normal working hours, maybe even new leads from other timezones.

Taking a message through an automated system may sound like the answer, but in general, people don’t like talking to machines.

Here is the deal; You need to have a telephone answering service.

Trained staff that are able to take details down, to give information out, direct clients and customers to you, and be a filter for the calls that you don’t need to receive. Nothing is more annoying when expecting an important call, to instead continuously receive spam calls. A telephone answering service could act as the gatekeeper to make sure you don’t receive these.

Furthermore, these services are often 24 hour a day affairs, meaning that you can be sure you are receiving calls day and night, and not wasting your lead generation efforts.

Your callers will appreciate the value of being able to call anytime, and have someone pick up the phone to talk to them. And you’ll be able to rest easy, knowing that those callers are being taken care of. In the mobile age, people are accustomed to being able to seek information – and answers – at any time, day or night. And if you are not able to get them that information, then they will move on the next closest competitor, who will.

If you are interested in a telephone answering service, then Virtual Business Offices is the deal for professional service, with 24/7 voicemail. And we even provide voice to email messaging so you can quickly catch up on all your calls.