Tips for Working Virtually

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Tips for Working Virtually

We made it!  It’s 2021.  We’re turning the page on 2020 and are setting our sights on greener pastures for the year to come.

Although this holiday season proved to be much more difficult than years past, getting back into your everyday work schedule has never been easier.

Okay, so you may not be able to show off the new clothes that you were gifted on Christmas morning, but you entered the first official work week of the new year, refreshed and with a high level of environmental comfort.

A year that proved to be unpredictable in every sense of the word, has provided the global workforce a new appreciation for remote work.

However, it’s more important than ever to keep a high level of structure while in your home office.

Check out some of my tips for working virtually.

Finding a Creative Space that will encourage continuous productivity.

Creating a euphoric, zen environment that will make you anxious to get to your home desk each and every day is critical to your productivity. Adding little pieces to the workspace that make it personal and reflective of yourself will help create ambiance and make the desk YOUR perfect working environment. Make sure to turn the lights on and keep the space well lit. Some people prefer to work at night, which is perfectly fine if that’s when the creative juices are flowing. However, don’t force yourself into a dark working environment as this will force you to become tired and less attentive to the task at hand.


Continuing from the first point, there’s nothing that’s going to keep you from rushing to your workspace each and every day like a messy, unorganized desk. Before we go into comparing ourselves to geniuses like Einstein and Twain, let’s consider that for the vast majority of us, a clean desk is an indication of projects and tasks completed. Keep your desk a separate area from your regular domestic setup. Dirty dishes, laundry piles, these are perfectly normal components of any living space but your virtual office or remote desk is your business and should be treated as a different spot altogether.

Establish a schedule for your day.

It can be very easy to procrastinate when you have your own office in your own home and dictate your own schedule. If you find you work best in the mornings, never hit the snooze and don’t be late to your desk. In fact, change out of your pajamas and make yourself ready to tackle your day. If you’re a nighthawk and the most productive times of day come in the evenings, don’t put aside work for a movie or that dinner out with friends. These bad habits will develop and worsen and nothing will help your business prosper more than a regulated and predictable schedule where you can deliver consistent results.

Log-off from distraction!

The hardest parts about remaining productive in your virtual office are the same as in our everyday life; shutting down the social media and other online distractors. Training ourselves to regulate our daily social media intake will benefit in the long run and pay off dividends. The next time you feel compelled to spend time on a social media platform, make a game of it. Don’t open the apps that are purely there for fun and try to go as long as you can without indulging in Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram. It is estimated that the average person will spend five years of their life on social media. Think what you could do with all that time!

But it’s not as easy as having a structured schedule, or a clean desk.

You have to have the proper business support and Virtual Business Offices specializes in providing those services.

At Virtual Business Offices we have solutions for you.  Whether it be a Bay Street corporate address, live reception services, or access to meeting rooms, our wide range of virtual office packages are fit for any business.

If you are looking for more information about our virtual service packages, contact Virtual Business Offices by e-mailing or calling (416) 214-1840.

Virtual Services: The Key to an Effective Online Presence

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Virtual Services: The Key to an Effective Online Presence

Virtual Services: The Key to an Effective Online Presence

It’s 2020 and the world is operating, although barely, in a very unusual and increasingly virtual manor.  With the Covid-19 pandemic still lingering, everyone continues to shop online, date online, exist online. With everything, and everyone, getting used to this switch, it’s important to ensure your business is able to thrive without physical office space.

The key to all of this is an effective online presence.

Even before the global shutdown, businesses that were pulling ahead of their competition grew increasingly reliant on their ability to attract their target audience via the web. Now, that’s the only real option! Countless work hours and funds are allocated to creating an online experience that distances them from their competitors.

Whether it is ordering a pizza from Domino’s, purchasing a TV from Amazon, or finding an e-date for Friday night on Tinder, there is an industry leader who has developed a plan for operating remotely, until things return to normal.

So, what is it about an online presence that sets the industry leaders apart?

According to Spin, elements like solid navigation, clear call to action; proper layouts and being mobile friendly play major roles in making a good website successful. While these elements seem discernible, you’d be surprised at how many former industry leaders are finding that they’re step behind because they aren’t changing with the times. Now, with the entire world online, it is IMPERATIVE that your website is the best it can be.

The trial-and-error period of creating an online presence is over. Users don’t hold the same level of patience as they would have 5 years ago. If a website isn’t easy to navigate, mobile friendly, or attractive, potential business will fall by the way-side.

Placing greater emphasis on research and design, structured management, clarity of vision, and a reliable support system is paramount to ensuring that your online platform reaches its potential.

One of those invaluable support systems is a reliable virtual office provider.

Virtual Business Offices provides the kind of support that allows our clients to concentrate on the task at hand and further expand their businesses online presence.

With a Premier Bay St. Address, Live Reception Services and Fully Equipped Meeting Rooms, you can run your business from anywhere in the world, knowing that all your needs are being met with the utmost professionalism.

Virtual Services are the key to an effective online presence.

Find out our Virtual Services can help boost your digital footprint.


You Rent A Virtual Package.
We Plant A Tree!

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You Rent A Virtual Package. We Plant A Tree!

You Rent A Virtual Package. We Plant A Tree!

Virtual Business Offices is partnering with Tree Canada.

We feel that as a Canadian corporation, it is our responsibility to give back to the world we live in and Tree Canada is the perfect partner to ensure this happens.

Tree Canada is a non-profit organization proudly dedicated to planting and nurturing trees. For over 25 years, they’ve engaged communities, governments, corporations and individuals in the pursuit of a greener and healthier living environment for Canadians.

Since 1992, they’ve planted more than 82 million trees, greened more than 660 schoolyards, helped restore places hit by natural disasters, and brought together urban forestry experts greening cities all across Canada.

Virtual Business Offices will be focusing its efforts on the National Greening Program 2020 Project at the Ontario site in the greater Sudbury area. This project is set out to support the restoration of areas in and around the municipality impacted by historic mining operations.

The program has restored areas for over 40 years and aims to continue planting a wide range of tree species and shrubs to afforest areas or increase species diversity.

With 82% of the population now living in urban areas, it’s important to recognize the many benefits that trees provide.

Trees reduce the effects of climate change, naturally cooling cities

  • One large tree can provide a day’s oxygen for up to four people.
  • A mature tree can lift nearly 400 litres of water out of the ground, helping to prevent flooding.
  • Trees sequester CO2, other gases and particles.

Trees can help our economy

  • Mature trees in a well-landscaped yard can boost home values.
  • Shade from trees can help us feel up to 15°C cooler on hot summer days and reduce energy costs by 15% to 25%.
  • Trees can improve the “shopping experience” and demand price.

Trees help us live longer, healthier lives.

  • Exposure to trees helps reduce stress, speeds healing and improves mental health.
  • A 10% increase in tree canopy can lead to a 12% decrease in neighbourhood crime.


Want to Contribute to this important initiative?

At Virtual Business Offices, we have solutions for you.  Whether it be a Bay Street corporate address, live reception services, or access to meeting rooms, our wide range of virtual office packages are fit for any business.

If you are looking to rent an office or a virtual package and contribute to the planting of a tree, contact The Rostie Group by visiting Virtual Business Offices or calling (416) 214-1840.

Your contribution will have a lasting impact on the lives of Canadians now and for generations to come.