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The Advantages of a Virtual Office for Recruiters

If you’re an independent recruiter you know the challenges of the industry – finding clients, finding candidates – let-alone over-coming “head-hunter” stereotypes. It’s a challenging job and your focus is on filling your roles.  As an independent recruiter you may also have the benefits/challenges of working from a home office. The biggest drawback, in my […]

The Real Truth about Impressions and Sales

It’s a fact of life that impressions matter. It may not be fair, or nice, but the impression you get from someone, from the way they dress, to their grammar, to even their business card can influence your decisions. It will shape the relationship going forward, and in Sales that’s the most important thing you […]


Remote Working into the Future

The future of remote work will be knowledge and service based. While there will always be positions available in manufacturing and the trades, a lot of those jobs are being shipped overseas. New and emerging technologies are enabling positions and duties to be fulfilled online. In fact, a large percentage of workers are finding themselves […]

Tips for Working in a Virtual Office

With Virtual Offices becoming a revolution in how we do business from the comfort of our homes, it is important to consider the little things that make working in a remote office a great alternative. Here are four quick tips for working from home. Finding a Creative Space that will encourage continuous productivity. Creating a […]

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Cloud Virtual Office

Why do you need the Cloud to get your Virtual Office? There are certainly advantages when looking at Cloud based system: It’s constantly updated with no need for your input, and it may be more efficient. But of course, we need to look at the disadvantages as well: It’s automated, there are no humans in […]

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The Virtual Mailbox

A Virtual Mailbox is exactly what the name implies: A Mailbox that you can redirect your mail to. Whether that may be simple letters or packages, you can trust that they will go to a physical location, where they can be tracked and delivered to. They go beyond the standard PO box. They have live […]

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The Anatomy of a Virtual Office

A Virtual Office is generally considered to be a package that allows the purchaser to use a business centre’s mailing address as if it were their own. These packages frequently also include services like live reception, a local number, and meeting room hours. What a virtual office really is, though, is globalization writ small. How […]

Why do you need a Virtual Business Address?

What is a virtual business address, anyway? I’m going to answer a question with a question, so bear with me here: do you work from home, or from a country other than Canada? If so, you probably need a virtual business address. At Virtual Business Offices, a virtual business address means that you use our […]

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Virtual Business Answers

You have questions, we have answers. We know that sometimes it’s hard to find what you’re looking for, especially in the world of virtual offices. So here at Virtual Business Offices, we’ve decided to provide some quick answers for you. What is a Virtual Office? A virtual office is an offsite physical location that offers […]