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Social Distance Doesn’t Mean Professional Hiatus

Socially Distant but still need to run your business? Minimize the loss in productivity that working from home causes with a virtual office solution. No, it’s not an office you can tour through VR. It’s a comprehensive service that sees us provide you with everything you need to run your everyday business remotely. Virtual Business […]


Top Tools for Running your Business Abroad

The desk life just isn’t for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t build a successful business. Having the right tools with you can make it easier to enjoy your new Digital Nomad life. When it comes to these tools, you have to look both at hardware, and software. What products and services will fit […]


Your Virtual Address in Toronto

An address is arguably one of the most important elements of your business identity. It’s what defines you as either a local or international business, and leaves a lasting impression on your clients. Even if you feel that it may not be relevant to your particular clients – that you sell your products or services […]

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Grow your Company with a Virtual Office

Small or large, all companies have the same goal: to grow. This can be from a simple desire to expand into other geographical territories, or from wanting to grow financially. Of course, if growing was easy, everyone would do it.  From a small startup which has just now reached their profitability or IPO stage, or […]


Work from Virtually Anywhere

The 9 to 5, tied to a desk life just isn’t for everyone. Thanks to the gig economy, there is a new breed of worker known as a digital nomad; they can work from virtually anywhere, from their personal devices. As long as there is a plug and decent wifi, they can conquer the world. […]


A Home Office Setup to match your Virtual Plan

Setting up a home office can be a difficult task. Things that at first seem like they may not be a big deal, like avoiding a morning shower, getting properly dressed, or working from your couch, quickly become a big deal once you realize that your back will not agree with all your couch “potato-ing”. […]