After Hours Answering Service: Never lose a customer again!

After Hours Answering Service

Do you own or run a business and receive after-hours calls from clients – or potential clients, but have no one on hand to answer them? An after-hours answering service may just be the thing that you need!

We know that phone calls are a vital part of your business. They help you gain and retain customers, help you provide your services and is a necessary contact point for you. But what happens if someone has a question, issue or wants to sign up for your services outside  regular office hours? They would normally be sent to a voicemail box where they may be lost or forgotten about, asked to call back during regular office hours, or would be put through to an automated service without ever speaking to someone.

With an After Hours Answering Service, this will not happen again.  You will now have a live service answering customer inquiries 24/7 365 days a year. You will have a live person speaking to all of your clients – or potential clients- on all of your calls no matter what time of day or year it is.

Whether you need someone to transfer calls in an urgent situation or to direct calls for technical support, there is a fully trained representative ready to provide your new After Hours Answering Service.

Representatives will answer your calls with care and in a number of different languages to ensure that all of your callers’ needs are met. You’ll want to make sure that all of your calls are answered, and treated as the most important thing going on at the moment. Don’t have a machine tell someone that “their call matters”. SHOW them that it matters by actually picking up the phone in a timely manner.

Forget worrying about losing a client because they had a query out of hours. Choose an After Hours Answering Service and never lose a customer again.

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