5 Reasons Why You Need a Virtual Office More Than Ever

5 Reasons Why You Need a Virtual Office More Than Ever

COVID-19 has drastically changed the way businesses are being managed. It’s about time you find out why you need a virtual office more than ever.

The Virtual Office industry has seen a large uptick in the number of companies who are migrating to this operational style.

Long gone are the days of paying top dollar for an office on the 30th floor. Now, for less than $300.00 per month, organizations are being provided everything they require to continue with everyday business.

Whether it be a prestigious address in a desired city, a highly sought after phone number with recognizable area code, live reception services from highly trained staff, or access to meeting and conference rooms on an a-la-carte basis, this solution screams bang for your buck.

See these 5 Reasons why you now need a virtual office.

1. Reduced operating costs

Having enough finance to get started in the first place is one thing, but having enough to keep your business afloat is something else altogether. Transport, office equipment, rental fees, wages, etc., all come under operating costs and if you don’t have enough finance to cover them, your business will fail.

Virtual offices significantly reduce these fees. Since you won’t have a physical workspace, you completely alleviate numerous fixed costs and only use specific services and facilities as and when you need them.

2. SEO Geolocation

Among the best online benefits of using the virtual office as your registered address, is SEO geolocation. Many online services still benefit from the ‘near me’ feature in search engines.

It allows clients or new business partners to seek targets out based on where they are located.  With a virtual office, your business will appear to be in in these locations surrounded by your potential clients.

Virtual offices are most useful when they are located in the heart of the nearest big city-especially if you run the business from a home, out of town, or in a nearby suburb.

3. Corporate Image

As a business owner building a strong and credible brand image is incredibly important. Mailing addresses provided through virtual office services help to build brand credibility and overall create a professional image for businesses. Utilizing a professional mailing address enables you to highlight a more reputable address on promotional materials like business cards and websites instead of a home address.

Having a professional address works to legitimize your business for future clients and may also provide a competitive advantage over rivals who do not have professional addresses. Services offered through shared office spaces also help owners uphold professional standards by providing day-use offices and meeting rooms for important meetings. Reception services also, add a professional touch for when you host clients, want someone to answer your calls, or have mail forwarded to you.

4. Flexibility

Leases and permanent offices lock startups into contractual agreements and a finite office space. As often occurs with startups, scaling up and down isn’t an option; fixed office space results in a fixed cost and office configuration.

On the one hand, as is too often the case, startups pay for unused office space. On the other hand, they also have fixed space constraints that will only scale to the boundaries of the four surrounding walls.

Virtual services allow you to pick a solution that is best fit at that time, allowing for customization as you see fit.

5. Access to Critical Business Facilities

When operating a company, you will need equipment and facilities such as an industrial copier, or a boardroom table, which are quite expensive to outfit yourself.

When using a virtual office, you’re able to access all of these critical requirements on the pay-as-you-use arrangement. This arrangement will save you a lot of money while continuing to improve your image.

Apart from facilities, you can also access other important services. For example, if your business needs a one-time, big quantity of documents couriered, you can use the virtual office services and professional reception team to assist.

Many virtual office operators have the facilities and machines needed to run a fully fledge office.


At Virtual Business Offices, we have solutions for you.  Whether it be a Bay Street corporate address, live reception services, or access to meeting rooms, our wide range of virtual office packages are fit for any business.

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